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With 30 years experience in cylinder head repairs and modifications, Martini Heads are setting the standard for quality and service in Melbourne's Motor trade. Our dedication to service and quality is second to none.

If you're a large dealership or mechancial repair workshop with a large turnover of cylinder head work or an individual with a one off repair or performance job, we can be promptly at your service.

With extensive experience in all facets of cylinder head reconditioning and modification, no job is too big or too small. We are proud of our reputation in performance and racing circles and have a vast experience in Mini Racing, Historic Racing Cars, Sports Sedans & High performance contract work for manufacturers.

Located in Bundoora, we are experts in cylinder head repairs in Melbourne.

    - Crack Testing.
- Pressure Testing.
- Crack Repairs to both Cast Iron and Aluminium Heads.
- Aluminium Welding.
- 'K' Line Guides and Insert Fitting.
- Heads done for Gas.
- Flow Bench Testing.
- Modified Heads, Including Racing Applications.

Change Over Cylinder Heads

Fully Reconditioned

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Rob and Jason Webster.

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